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Name : Mark Deguzman
Age: 25
Location : Richmond, Virginia

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As the warmer weather approaches we begin to phase out our winter essentials. This leaves our wardrobes a little empty; which means room for newer pieces. Shopping for each new season can be expensive, but I’ve complied together an outfit that only cost $72.75. The outfit consist of all H&M clothing from their 2014 S/S collection. 

Top: Linen Blend S/S Shirt $12.95
Bottom: Twill Shorts $19.95
Shoes: Sneakers $15
Hat: Straw Hat $12.95
Accessories : Sunglasses $5.95
2-pack Braided Bracelets $5.95
Total = $72.75



The latest trend to emerge in fashion is the two toned look. It consist of just two colors; Black & White and It’s a simple solution for standing out without looking like you tried to hard. The trend is great for all types of guys, it’s practically fail proof! So enjoy this penguin look! Thank you Alexander Wang!